Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Little French Valentine Tea

I don't really think of France when I think of tea. And I don't have any hearts for this Valentine tea yet either! LOL! 

But I went digging deep into the cupboards for something sweet to put on the table anyway, and when there isn't a bouquet, there is always pretty china! And Limoges gets me off to a start with the "French tea" part.

I have a lot of one-offs of things. I like a mix of china patterns on a table the way I like mixed linens on a bed. 

This whole table is made up of china odds and ends, which also keeps things informal.

My stacked cups are from my collection of Rose Point by Pope Gosser. I have them paired with a few pretty saucers that I hung onto because of the darling little rose motif on each of them.

They also have a delicious creamy color.

I sold the rest of the set, but kept an orphaned butter plate too.

A lacy napkin added, and voila!, we have a festive occasion!

There is this set of four Limoges dessert/salad plates in yet another pretty pattern.

And the French galettes I discovered over the holidays tilt the theme the rest of the way.

I have since found these on Amazon for twice the price I paid for them at Costco.  I expected them to be more like a sable. But they need a little something, and I serve them with a bit of cheese with fruit.

A little sweet. A little savory. A dainty little tea with a little french accent! Oui?

Happy Valentines Day my sweets!

So lovely that you stopped by!


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Back in the Linen Nursery

The changes in the "nursery" are going at a snail's pace. That is the speed at which most things are done here these days. I have nursery in quotes because the nursery kids are now between eight and fourteen years of age!

We have also shared the nursery with the linens all these years, since my nursery girls are only sometimes occupants of this tiny room, and it's a handy place to manage my linen collections in between times.

But I also seem to cultivate a great number of linens and laces here. So it almost seems that they are grown in this space the way plants do in a greenhouse nursery!

The ironing board is no longer a standing fixture in here at all times. (Sad face.) There is barely room for the four beds lining the walls. (One is a trundle.)

Less ironing goes on, and I am slowly changing things up to look less "baby" and more "lady," since the seven regular visitors are all girls.

We are doing less pink, and more white. And I am supposed to be clearing stuff out to get ready for new carpet. But every time I grab a box or basket to clear a closet or a corner, I get majorly distracted!

There are plain linens and fancy ones. Gorgeous antiques that need a mend or iron mixed up with the workhorse linens like those from Ikea, and even the paint department at Home Depot that are fresh from the wash. (Actually I got that all cotton drop cloth from Amazon. It's big enough to cover my sofa!)

Before I know it I've done nothing but play with linens for an hour. . . .

But it's a happy place. And worse things could happen.

This is a giant antique pillow sham that I got over last summer that needs a few stitches.

LOVE those buttons! (last year we went from summer to Christmas in two weeks! so no mending got done.)

And then I unfolded this FABULOUS crochet bedspread from last summer's jaunts too. I think it was something like forty dollars. It is heavy, and dreamy laid across a bed.

So what's a grown woman to do? I knew you would want to see too!


I guess I'll get back to my Saturday things now like I'm supposed to!

Happy weekend everybody!


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Farmhouse Inspirations

There are so many interpretations of farmhouse style that I can hardly choose one. Modern, which is more spare; country farmhouse, which is most traditional; and a romantic style which carries a more idealized tone, like the antique ruffled baby dress above.

My idea of romantic farmhouse decorating has more floral patterns and curves, and of course lots of airy white.

An old painted wooden door can be dressed up or down. Left plain, or used to showcase your leanings one way or another. An old chippy frame with sheet music is about as fussy as I want to go for now. 

My latest inspirations are a couple of recent design books. The one above by Tricia Foley is about as pared down as it is possible to get. She uses tons of white with a simple, serene environment. I have spent time in rooms like this, and far from being boring, they offer a freedom for engagement with people, or for creative energy. 

When you have a more open area, there is space available for change and variety in a room if you want it. I pulled a few things together in this corner for the light, for instance.

And I like the softness that just a bit of lace can give an otherwise plain room. A sheer curtain also softens the light if you need it.

City Farmhouse Style by Kim Leggett keeps things lighter and more open than a heavier traditional farmhouse style. The mode seems to really highlight collections in an appealing understated way yet still has lots of character and warmth.

But I am certainly no purist and can wander all over the place decoratively speaking!

I can't seem to stay away from beautiful vintage clothes! 

Probably close to a hundred years old, you can see a patch in this baby dress that was sewn in the skirt at the lower left.

Speaks volumes, and full of nostalgia. 

 This dainty style is always waiting in the wings for me when I want it, like this set of ironstone transferware pitchers. The pitchers have a dressier mood than my plain white ironstone.

Here's a last look at this frilly dress showing the detail on the back side. There is only a single mother-of-pearl button left holding it together.

I had the impulse to make a repair to that little tear, but it seems right to leave it to it's vintage honesty. Clean, unpressed, and carrying all the weight of history within its airy folds. 

Hope you're having fun no matter what your style!

So nice that you stopped by!


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